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About Jade


Growing up next to the Northsea in Belgium, the sea has been a great source of inspiration for Jade as an artist. And during her 25 years of existence, she always felt a big connection and love for this blue marvellous world and its creatures, its flora, its stories and a big desire to reconnect humanity with the natural world - especially through water. 


Living in Italy for a while where she worked as a filmmaker at “Balletto di Roma”, she created short dance films together with choreographers and dancers. It is also here in Italy that she made her graduation project “Euplea” (29’) in 2019.  The fiction short has been awarded with 'Best International Short Film' and 'Best Editing' at the Scario Film Festival 2020 in Southern Italy and also received the prize of "Best Leading Actress" at the Rome Independent Prisma Awards with Eva Danino as the main character.

After graduating her Master in Cinema in Ghent, Belgium, she searched to combine her passion for filmmaking with her love for the ocean while filming surfers from around the world and capturing the underwaterworld too. 


In her work she is constantly chasing a certain feeling of enchantment. A feeling of being child-likely enchanted by some faraway dreamworld or utopia where mermaids, pirates, magical forces and desolated islands could still exist. With a sense of nostalgia she goes back to her childhood imagination and her subconscious dreams where she tries to gasp those places again and thus romanticise this manmade & adult world we live in. 



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